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Neil Hubbard – Online Bagpipe Instructor

Taking Online Bagpipe Lessons from your own home is easy and fun!

Based in the Seattle area, I’ve been teaching pipe lessons for nearly 30 years and now providing online bagpipe lessons.

I teach King County Firefighters, Seattle Firefighters, Seattle Police, and Snohomish County Firefighters Pipes and Drums. I understand the needs of first responder pipe bands, with their demanding jobs and unusual work schedules. Additionally I teach individual students at my home studio. Available for all abilities, ages, and interest levels: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced.

I started learning the pipes in Seattle when I was 12 years old, played for a couple of years, lost interest and picked it up again in 1988 and have been at it solidly ever since. In 2007 was fortunate to be able to quit my day job to become a full-time performing bagpiper and teacher.

Whether you’re just starting out, have been playing for a while, or want to get back into it and sharpen your bagpipe playing, I am able to help.

45 minute lesson $50 via PayPal and Venmo

About me

In the long history of learning to play the bagpipes lessons have always been done in person, teacher and student, face to face. We now have the technology to allow people to get together virtually, through Internet connections, so we don’t have to be in the same place at the same time.

I’ve been teaching bagpipe lessons in the Seattle Washington area since about 1993. Within a few years after I gained some good proficiency on the pipes, the pipe band I was playing with, the Keith Highlanders, had me start passing on what I had learned to brand new pipers who wanted to join the band.

It was a great opportunity not only to help someone else, but to improve my own knowledge. “You teach best what you need to learn most” a wise man once said.

Online Bagpipe Lesson Video Samples:

What people are saying about Online Bagpipe Lessons

It’s actually been way easier than I thought it would be to continue my bagpipe lessons online. Neil is always on top of lessons and sends any new content before the lesson — I love that I can take the lessons where I want them to go. Though learning bagpipes can be challenging, I like how Neil breaks down the tunes into manageable chunks. Overall, it’s been a really fun experience continuing my learning online!

M. M.

Since our COVID-19 quarantine I have been taking lessons from Neil online. It’s easy to connect with zoom and we work on the same things that we do in person. Neil is very patient and has a vast knowledge of the instrument and its music. I highly recommend him as an instructor in whatever format. Happy to be able to continue with my instruction during this time of isolation.

G. E.

I’ve been studying with Neil for a number of years, and as it became apparent that in-person lessons were going to be impossible, I was worried about losing ground.  I needn’t have worried; the online lessons are easily as effective for everything short of help in physically setting up an instrument

D. W.

Neil provides expert tutoring. I would never be playing at the level where I am today if it was not for his first-class professional guidance, direction, and encouragement. The step into virtual training was absolutely seamless. We didn’t miss a beat, and actually work more lessons into my routine. Saving time by committing to virtual lessons certainly works for my busy schedule.

A. P.